Lift-All 3 Ton Lever Chain Hoists

  • Lift capacities up to 3 tons
  • Operates in any orientation
  • Easy one hand operation and set up
  • Forged swivel hooks with latches for safety
  • 5, 10, or 20 foot chain length options
  • Custom chain lengths & capacities available upon request
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Lift-All 3 ton manual chain hoist

Our drop forged alloy hooks are designed to stretch before chain failure when overloaded and are equipped with safety latches. Move loads quickly and reliably with one of our durable lever chain hoists. Choose from models that can handle as little as 3/4 ton to as much as 6 ton load capacity. See our selection below. When you're ready to order, or if you have questions first, call our team of lifting experts now at 800-909-1964.

Product Specifications

Weight capacity (metric tons) Part Number Lift (ft.)
3 Ton LCH030X5 5
LCH030X10 10
LCH030X20 20


Why Choose A 3 Ton Lift-All Lever Chain Hoist?

Sometimes referred to as rachet lever hoists or pull lifts, lever chain hoists are small and portable. This makes them the ideal choice for a wide range of industries including railroads, construction sites, auto repair shops, mining operations, and more.

One of the major advantages that lever chain hoists offer is that they are operated manually and thus do not need to be plugged into a power supply. This makes them cost effective to operate and practical for use in applications where larger lifting equipment, such as a crane, would not be feasible.

Unlike manual chain hoists, lever hoists can move large loads horizontally, not just vertically. If you need to move loads very quickly, then an electric hoist may be a better solution for you.

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