Lift-All Manual Chain Hoists

  • Lift capacities from 1/2 ton up to 10 tons
  • 10, 20, or 30 foot chain length options
  • Custom chain lengths & capacities available upon request
  • Our hoists weigh less than some competing brands
  • Self-adjusting mechanical load brake
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Lift-All 2 ton manual chain hoist

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Product Specifications

Weight capacity (metric tons) Part Number Lift (ft.)
0.5 MCH005X10 10
MCH005X20 20
MCH005X30 30
1 MCH010X10 10
MCH010X20 20
MCH010X30 30
1.5 MCH015X10 10
MCH015X20 20
MCH015X30 30
2 MCH020X10 10
MCH020X20 20
MCH020X30 30
3 MCH030X10 10
MCH030X20 20
MCH030X30 30
5 MCH050X10 10
MCH050X20 20
MCH050X30 30
10 MCH100X10 10
MCH100X20 20
MCH100X30 30


Why Choose A Lift-All Manual Chain Hoist?

Manual chain hoists are used in a wide range of industrial environments including manufacturing, warehouses, construction, mining, auto shops, and more. If you need to move items weighing hundreds or thousands of pounds, a manual hoist may be the best type of hoist for you.

With a manual hoist, you can lift and move loads that weigh as little as 1/2 ton or as much as 10 tons. Unlike other hoists, a manual hoist allows you to lift a load without needing to connect to a power supply. Lift-All manual hoists are compact and portable, making them ideal to use in tight or low headroom spaces.

A manual chain hoist is operated by hand by pulling on the chain. If you need to pull heavy loads, you'll need a lever chain hoist. A lever hoist is also hand-operated, but it involves the use of a lever instead of pulling the chain directly.

Lift-All hoists are powder coated and plated to protect from corrosion. Each hoist is built to last and require minimal maintenance.

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