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Lifting Devices

  • Engineered and produced to the highest quality standards
  • Meet or exceed all applicable U.S. government standards including OSHA, ASME B30.20, B30.9 and ANSI B30.17 as applicable
  • Random proof testing is standard
  • Proof testing with certification available upon request for a nominal charge

lifting beam


  • Allows for multiple pick points of the load for balance or support issues
  • Spreader Beams have a top rigging that adds stability to the lift
  • Available in 9 standard styles

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coil lifter

Coil Lifters

  • Use to lift, manipulate and reposition coils
  • Requires minimum aisle space equal to Lifter arm length
  • Available in 2 standard styles

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  • gantry crane
  • gantry crane
  • gantry crane

Gantry Cranes

  • Portable cranes that allow for the pick-up and transport of a load wherever you have a smooth and level floor
  • Available in either steel or aluminum, fixed or adjustable height

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pipe lifter

Pipe Lifters

  • Pipe Grabs for cast iron or steel pipes only – automatically clamps, moveable outriggers to stabilize pipe, no blocking required
  • Pipe Tongs for vertical lifting only, not suspension for pipe, round bars, castings, etc.
  • Optional replaceable urethane pads are available to protect smooth or polished surfaces

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manhole lifter

Manhole Lifters

  • Manhole lifters available for concrete housing or sleeve
  • Concrete lifters designed for 4”-6” concrete wall thickness, will not damage concrete seat, legs can be quickly positioned to balance load
  • Cam activated for easy attachment and release

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barrier grab

Barrier Grabs

  • Scissor style grab is the easy way to lift and move concrete road barriers
  • Auto-latch for hands-off operation

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beam/girder clamp

Beam/Girder Clamps

  • For use in lifting and positioning structural beams
  • Two styles may also be hung from load bearing beams to suspend hoists or other lifting devices

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forklift with an attached forklift boom

Forklift Booms

  • Three styles of booms and two hook devices provide added lifting capabilities to your forklift trucks
  • Available in fixed, pivoting and telescoping models

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battery lifting beams

Battery Lifting Beams

  • Provide a non-conductive lifting method for industrial batteries (i.e. forklift batteries)
  • Up to 70% lighter than other beams
  • Available for single or multiple size batteries
  • Custom lengths available

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a blueprint featuring a dozen custom lifting devices drawn on it

Custom Lifting Devices

  • Able to provide custom solutions for your unique lifting applications
  • Custom fabricated beams, S-Hooks, J-Hooks, coil lifters and pallet lifters built to your requirements
  • Easy ordering system details your unique product specifications

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