Why Lift-All Web Slings?

Lift-All web slings meet or exceed OSHA, ASME B30.9 and WSTDA standards and regulations

All sling webbing contained in this section is recommended for general-purpose lifting. Sling webbing has surface yarns connected from side to side, which not only protect the core yarns, but position surface and tensile yarns to work together to support the load. Wear or damage to sling webbing face yarns cause an immediate strength loss. Sling webbing has red core yarns to visually reveal damage which is one indicator of sling rejection. Please read the warning sheet provided with each sling for additional details.

a yellow and a gray web sling

Web Slings

  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Wide-bearing surface for stability of load
  • Nylon to reduce shock loading or polyester for better load control
  • Tuff-Tag™ provides required OSHA information for the life of the sling
  • Red core yarn in all sling webbing to aid in inspection process
  • Tuff-Edge® III, Webmaster® 1600, Webmaster® 1200 and Dura-Web™

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Specialty Products

  • Standard and custom solutions for your unique lifting needs
  • Lift-All®’s highly trained customer service and engineering team is available to guide you to a value-added solution



  • Convert your forklift into an overhead lifting device in a matter of seconds.
  • Quick to install, remove, and store
  • Self-gripping to the fork, so there is no need to tighten attachment, saving you time!
  • 1-Ton & 2-Ton options
Part Number Capacity Description
GH4S-1 1-TON GripHook w/ Swivel Hook for 4" Fork
GH5S-1 1-TON GripHook w/ Swivel Hook for 5" Fork
GH6S-1 1-TON GripHook w/ Swivel Hook for 6" Fork
GH5S-2 2-TON GripHook w/ Swivel Hook for 5" Fork
GH6S-2 2-TON GripHook w/ Swivel Hook for 6" Fork


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an orange and blue pipe & hose halter

Pipe & Hose Halters

  • Help to control hoses that accidentally separate at the coupler while under pressure
  • Suitable for use on pneumatic, water and hydraulic hoses
  • Integral rubber grommets to keep choked eyes snug on the hose
  • Conforms to OSHA 1926.603(a)(10) and Canada OHS requirements

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RFID Tagging

RFID Tagging

  • RFID chips can be added to any sling for use in electronic identification and tracking.

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Hull Saver Boat Slings lifting a boat

Hull Saver Boat Slings

  • Low-stretch polyester webbing helps avoid scuff damage to hulls
  • Options include weighted keel pads, chine pads, quick disconnects, extra eyes, pull pin shackles
  • Treatment available for additional abrasion resistance to improve sling life
  • Custom made to your specifications

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Drum Handling Slings holding a black drum

Drum Handling Slings

  • Easy and inexpensive method to handle steel drums
  • Fits multiple size drums
  • Available in two styles for handling drums in vertical or horizontal position

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Stone Handling Slings lifting a gravestone marker

Stone Handling Slings

  • For handling stone, concrete and building panels
  • Special abrasion resistant wear pad woven into one side of 4” nylon webbing
  • Two ply version offered so abrasion resistance is on both sides and does not need orientation by rigger

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Gas Bottle Web Cradles on a helium tank

Gas Bottle Web Cradles

  • Made for easy and secure lifting of gas bottle cylinders using cranes, hoists, forklifts, etc.
  • Leather reinforced eyes for extended sling life
  • Top assembly collar fits securely around standard valve caps to stabilize cylinder
  • Single and tandem styles available
  • Each assembly is rated to lift 1,000 pounds.

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a bucket and cooler being lifted with our bucket and cooler specialty slings and straps

Bucket, Cooler and Trash Barrel Slings

  • Promotes safe workplace and protects your workers from injury
  • Bucket Slings are designed to lift 5 gallon buckets filled with up to 200 pounds.
  • Cooler Slings will adjust to lift 3, 5 or 10 gallon water coolers up to 500 pounds. Can connect 2 or 3 together to save crane time
  • Trash Barrel Slings are designed to lift 32 gallon plastic trash barrels up to 1,000 pounds
  • Custom sizes available

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sheets of glass lifted with our glass handling slings

Glass Handling Sling

  • Made in various sizes to fit your specific glass lifting application
  • Select from a variety of materials to protect glass from marring and protect the sling from sharp edges
  • Sold in pairs
  • Custom-made. View our catalog for Additional buying information.

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an image of our hydrant slings

Hydrant Sling

This synthetic sling is used to grasp fire hydrants in a safe and secure manner. The self-choking feature offers additional security and safety. It fits over any size discharge outlet or side valve system and is designed to lift under the valve body, not the valve stem.

  • Perfect for safe handling of fire hydrants
  • Lightweight and available in two lengths; 4'-6" and 7'-6"
  • Will not rust and protects the hydrant finish while lifting
  • Easy to store
  • 4,000-lb capacity
  • Part Number's HEN60 and HEN6076

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