Specialty Products

  • Standard and custom solutions for your unique lifting needs
  • Lift-All’s highly trained customer service and engineering team is available to guide you to a value-added solution

Hull Saver Boat Slings lifting a boat

Hull Saver Boat Slings

  • Low-stretch polyester webbing helps avoid scuff damage to hulls
  • Options include weighted keel pads, chine pads, quick disconnects, extra eyes, pull pin shackles
  • Treatment available for additional abrasion resistance to improve sling life
  • Custom made to your specifications

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Drum Handling Slings holding a black drum

Drum Handling Slings

  • Easy and inexpensive method to handle steel drums
  • Fits multiple size drums
  • Available in two styles for handling drums in vertical or horizontal position

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Stone Handling Slings lifting a gravestone marker

Stone Handling Slings

  • For handling stone, concrete and building panels
  • Special abrasion resistant wear pad woven into one side of 4” nylon webbing
  • Two ply version offered so abrasion resistance is on both sides and does not need orientation by rigger

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Gas Bottle Web Cradles on a helium tank

Gas Bottle Web Cradles

  • Made for easy and secure lifting of gas bottle cylinders using cranes, hoists, forklifts, etc.
  • Leather reinforced eyes for extended sling life
  • Top assembly collar fits securely around standard valve caps to stabilize cylinder
  • Single and tandem styles available
  • Each assembly is rated to lift 1,000 pounds.

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an adjustable sling


  • Reduces the need for multiple slings of different lengths and configurations
  • Adjust-A-Link designed with patented alloy steel master control link for strength and reliability
  • Adjust-A-Link easily adjusts the legs for a level lift of unbalanced and non-symmetrical loads
  • Used in pairs for four-point lifts

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an orange and blue pipe & hose halter

Pipe & Hose Halters

  • Help to control hoses that accidentally separate at the coupler while under pressure
  • Suitable for use on pneumatic, water and hydraulic hoses
  • Integral rubber grommets to keep choked eyes snug on the hose
  • Conforms to OSHA 1926.603(a)(10) and Canada OHS requirements

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RFID Tagging

RFID Tagging

  • RFID chips can be added to any sling for use in electronic identification and tracking.

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a bucket and cooler being lifted with our bucket and cooler specialty slings and straps

Bucket, Cooler and Trash Barrel Slings

  • Promotes safe workplace and protects your workers from injury
  • Bucket Slings are designed to lift 5 gallon buckets filled with up to 200 pounds.
  • Cooler Slings will adjust to lift 3, 5 or 10 gallon water coolers up to 500 pounds. Can connect 2 or 3 together to save crane time
  • Trash Barrel Slings are designed to lift 32 gallon plastic trash barrels up to 1,000 pounds
  • Custom sizes available

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  • Quick to install, remove, and store
  • Self-gripping
  • 1-Ton & 2-Ton options

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