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This video teaches how to operate the retractable ratchet tie down assembly

What we have here is item 60203, which is a 2-pack of one inch by twelve foot retractable ratchet tie-downs.

The one thing that people like about it is being able to keep tension on the hook. Oftentimes when you hook into a truck or a trailer, and you go around to the other side, the hook falls out. But with the retractable ratchet, you're able to keep tension on that hook so it stays in the hole. When you get to the point where it's time to tighten down the load, you can move it to the ratchet position and tighten down the load.

When you're done transporting a load, you simply release the brake, and the hook sucks into the ratchet assembly. And now when you're done you have one piece, very easy to store.

Not only can you use it like a normal ratchet, but you can also use this bolt hole right here to bolt in the ratchet assembly to trucks, trailers, ladder racks, shelving units, skids, and a multitude of other things.

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Product featured in this video: retractable ratchet