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Lift-All® DynaFlex

Watch and Learn the benefits of Lift-All's single path high-performance roundsling, DynaFlex.

Lift-All™ high-performance roundslings provide a solution for lifting heavy loads, while using a lightweight, flexible, and ergonomic sling. Constructed from non-blended core fibers and a double-walled Tufhide™ jacket, Lift-All's high-performance roundslings offer the lightest sling weight to lifting capacity ratio.

Lift-All designs our high-performance roundslings with the understanding of common rigging operation practices and environmental exposure conditions. Our single-path round design allows for uniform wear, and fits naturally in narrow, rounded bearing surfaces of common hardware connections. Lift-All's rigorous quality program regularly completes destructive strength verification testing, even though it's not an industry requirement. This verification testing uses roundslings with test fins smaller than the industry requirement, to represent actual loading conditions.

DynaFlex™ core is made of 100% Dyneema - the world's strongest, most advanced, high-tenacity fiber used on the market in the production of lifting slings. The size, shape, and strength of this unique core, make DynaFlex™ roundslings a perfect alternative to steel slings. DynaFlex™ roundslings also provide good chemical resistance and reduced water absorption. A 10 foot DynaFlex™ sling will increase 6 pounds in water weight when rigged wet, versus 13 pounds for the same length and capacity Tuflex sling. DynaFlex™ roundslings have a temperature limit of 158°F, and offer a lightweight, budget-friendly option for lifting heavy loads.

All Lift-All products come with comprehensive instructions, including important edge contact details, essential for a good cut prevention policy. Minimize rigger fatigue and increase safety with DynaFlex™. Contact our local sales managers or our experienced customer service agents to order today.

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