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Sling Protection: Cut vs. Wear

  • The number one cause of synthetic sling failure is cutting
  • Lift-All offers a family of sling protection to protect both sling and load from damage
  • Increases sling life
  • Both Edge Defender™ and our patented Sling Shield are designed to protect sling from cutting
  • Wide variety of wear pad material and styles to reduce sling abrasion

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various sling protection equipment with slings
  • Cut Protection Products are designed to improve workplace safety. When placed between slings and edges, cut protection products act as a buffer to prevent sling cutting and to reduce bearing pressure levels at contact areas.
  • Wear protection products serve to extend sling life by reducing abrasive wear and prevent marring of the load surfaces.

Product Thickness Color Relative Cut Protection Performance Rating
Edge Defender™
3-ply Polyester Quick Sleeve
Code: ED
0.45 Yellow
Edge Defender™ Flex Plus
Flat Quick Sleeve w/ Dyneema®
Code: FQSD
0.35 White/Yellow
Edge Defender™ Flex Plus
Tubular Quick Sleeve w/ Dyneema®
Code: TQSD
0.35 White/Yellow
Sling Shield™
Code: SS
1" Radius Silver/Red
Polyester Webbing
1600 Webmaster® Pads
0.14 Yellow
Dyneema Sleeving
(Light Duty Single Wall)
0.054 White
Pukka (Synthetic Felt) Pads 0.33 White
Leather (Heavy) Pads 0.13 Tan
PVC Pads 0.17 Black
Polyester Webbing
1600 Webmaster® Pads
0.14 Yellow
Dyneema Sleeving
(Light Duty Single Wall)
Not Recommended as a Sewn Sleeve
Pukka (Synthetic Felt) Pads 0.33 White
Leather (Heavy) Pads 0.13 Tan
PVC Pads 0.17 Black

Performance Rating: The bar graphs shown above reflect the comparative performance of Lift-All Cut Protection products against commonly used loose and sewn-on types of Wear Protection products.

Test Lift Qualification: To validate the suitability of sling protection products for each application, always complete one or more test lifts in a non-consequence manner. Technical Bulletin MS-10 is available for additional information.

Edge Defender

  • Cut Protection: The patented technology creates a high level of compression on the surface to produce a superior level of cut protection.
  • Conforms to the Shape of Load Edges: The flat design will conform to the load shape during handling operations, yet the construction is firm enough to prevent wrinkling.
  • Ease of Attachment: The use of hook and loop straps allow quick attachment and helps to hold position on slings.


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a large load held up by a sling with an edge defender protecting the sling

Edge Defender™ Flex Plus

Flat Style Cut Protection

  • The 'Flex Plus' is the addition of a double-plied layer of Dyneema with Kevlar® aramid binding.
  • Thinner, lighter, and more flexible than the standard Lift-All Edge Defender yet maintain the same level of cut protection performance.

Tubular Style Cut Protection

  • 360° of Protection: The Edge Defender Flex Plus tubular style pad is well-suited for use with roundslings and affords uniform cut protection around the exterior of the sling body.
  • Pad Positioning: When sized properly, this tubular pad will offer protection in the desired location on slings.


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a edge defender flex plus with a flat style and tubular style on a sling

Sling Shield

  • Magnetic: Holds position against steel loads for ease of rigging.
  • 1" Bend Radius: The design provides a bend radius to reduce bearing pressures for synthetic slings.
  • Ease of Sling Inspection: The open design allows easy access to slings during their frequent inspections.
sling shield
side pull angle

* Ultimate rating regardless of width. Note: Lifting in a vertical hitch reduces the ratings by half.

Product Thickness
65° 17,500
60° 15,000
55° 13,000
50° 11,000
45° 8,000
Load Ratings
  • The load rating for a Sling Shield is 25,000 lbs. of sling tension per inch of sling width. This rating is reduced when lifting at sling angles of less than 70°.
  • See Safety Bulletin for more detailed information (included with each product at time of purchase).


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Wear Protection

  • Sling and Load Damage Protection: Wear Protection can help to protect both the sling and the load from wear damage.
  • Construction Materials: A variety of padding materials are available to best suit the needs of each application.
  • Ease of Sling Inspection: Length selection and other pad options are available that allow easy access to slings for frequent inspections.
  • Ease of Attachment: Some styles use hook and loop fastening to allow quick attachment and to help keep the position on the sling.
Preferred for slings that are used in a variety of lifting situations. Easily repositioned along sling body to accommodate loads of various sizes. Sleeve allows sling to adjust to lift without movement against load edge.
Tubular Quick Sleeve
Use with: Tuflex® Roundslings
Chain & Wire Rope
Available Materials: All (except PVC)
High strength hook & loop sleeve for secure positioning. Tubular design gives maximum usable surface and maximum pad life.
Flat Quick Sleeve
Use with: All Slings
Available Materials: All (except PVC)
Hook & loop sleeve allow easy installation and removal. Friction keeps sleeve in place when rigging
Flat Sewn Sleeve
Use with: All Slings
Available Materials: All (except PVC)
Preferred for long-term use on single sling. May be repositioned as needed along sling length. May require factory installation for slings with hardware and single leg Tuflex.
Poly Pads
Use with: Web Slings
Available Materials: PVC
Slides easily along sling length for convenient sling protection. Must be installed at factory for web slings with hardware.
For use on web slings where repetitive lifting situations expose the sling to damage. Eliminates the need to position pad before each lift.
Sewn-On Wear Pad
Use with: Web slings only
Available Materials: All except ballistic nylon
For sling protection at expected wear points. Can be sewn anywhere on the sling, be any length and be on one or both sides.
Edge Guard
Use with: Web slings only
Available Materials: Texture nylon
Light leather
Helps protect both edges of the sling. Placement on the sling per customer requirement.

Wear Pad Materials

pukka pads wear pad material

Pukka-Pads (P) 0.3125" Thick

A high-density polyester felt.

webmaster 1600 wear pad material

Webmaster® 1600 (D/N) 0.1875” Thick

Polyester (D) or Nylon (N).

heavy leather wear pad material

Heavy Leather (HL) 0.15625” Thick

Genuine top-grain cowhide. May require multiple pieces.

pvc belting wear pad material

PVC Belting (PVC) 0.125" Thick

Non-absorbent conveyor-type belting.

texturized buffer wear pad material

Texturized Buffer (TN) 0.09375” Thick

A bulked fiber is used to produce a thin webbing with good abrasion resistance.

ballistic nylon wear pad material

Ballistic Nylon (BN) 0.0625” Thick

A 2-ply wear-resistant fabric made of bulked nylon fiber, appropriate for wider sleeves.


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