• Multiple styles of hand chain hoists and lever pullers available
  • Lift capacities from ¼ Ton up to 10 Ton

manual & lever chain hoists

Lift-All Manual & Lever Chain Hoists

  • Economical and easy to operate
  • In-Stock
  • Capacities range from 1/4-ton ton to 10-ton
  • Available Lifts:
    • Manual Hoist: 10', 20', and 30'
    • Lever Hoist: 5', 10', and 20'
    • Mini Hoists: 5' and 10'
  • Meet ASME/ANSI B30 and NASA-STD-8719.9 standards

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manual chain hoist

CM® Manual Chain Hoists

  • Hardened alloy load chain and fully enclosed brake and housing for long life
  • Swivel hooks for easy load turning
  • Cyclone hoists – Aluminum body, lifetime warranty, made in U.S.A., load limiter to protect hoist from overload
  • Series 622 – stamped steel body, compact design for low headroom, 1 year warranty
  • Hurricane 360° - patented hand chain cover rotates 360° to allow use from any angle, lifetime warranty

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lever puller

Lever Pullers

  • CM Puller – aluminum alloy construction, lifetime warranty, made in the U.S.A., weather-proof, low turning ratio for quick chain movement
  • Series 653 – stamped steel body, short handle for use in close quarters, 5 year warranty
  • Mini-Ratchet lever hoist – lightweight and compact enough to fit in your toolbox

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