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How to Use a RAD-MAN™

Check - Inspect - Protect your lift using the valuable RAD-MAN tool from Lift-All. This edge radius management tool will assist in making sure your lift is safe.

Did you know a sling can fail or become damaged from contact with edges or burrs.

Check the suitability of your edge radius before you lift using Lift-All's easy to use RAD-MAN™ Tool.

The RAD-MAN™ can measure the radius of edges at 90° or less, and help prevent lifting accidents caused by the cutting of slings.

Use these three easy steps to ensure your lift setup is safe.

Step one - choose a side. Side A can provide a measurement of the edge radius. Side B shows the required minimum radius suitable for direct contact with various Tuflex roundslings, before the use of protection becomes necessary.

Step two - position the RAD-MAN™ over the edge that will be in contact with the sling.

Step three - determine the measurement or appropriate Tuflex roundslings shown on the RAD-MAN™. Your measurement is the first point at which the tool comes in contact with the edge.

For this example, the RAD-MAN™ first comes in contact at EN800. This means any round sling smaller than EN800 is suitable for the lift. Any sling larger than EN800 will require suitable cup protection in order to keep the lift safe.

If at any point you are unsure of the reading, sling protection is the best option. Refer to the safety bulletin packaged with your sling for edge radius information.

Remember, an edge does not have to be sharp to cause damage. You can keep every lift safe, if you check, inspect, and protect. Check the edge radius, inspect the sling for damage, and protect the sling with Lift-All sling protection products.

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