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This video introduces you to our family of steel slings

Hey, I'm Alex and today we want to show you some of our steel based lifting slings.

In this video we'll cover three categories of steel based slings.

All Lift-All slings meet or exceed OSHA and ASME B30.9 standards and regulations.

We design all our slings with three core values in mind: to promote safety, save time, and save money. Our wire rope slings provide the best value per capacity out of all of our steel slings. They're flexible, resistant to abrasion, and can be fitted with an endless variety of terminations. They feature our Tuff-Tag for capacity and serial identification for traceability and compliance with OSHA. Most popular offering is our Lift-All 6x19 IWRC Perma-loc slings made using the Flemish splice technique to form the eyes, which retains a strength should the sleeve become damaged in use. It does take more time to manufacture this way versus a return eye, but safety and quality is what sets Lift-All apart from the competition.

Another feature-rich option is our E-Z Flex slings. E-Z Flex slings are constructed from seven machine laid galvanized wire ropes to provide superior flexibility that resists damage from kinking. That galvanization results in a longer-lasting sling that's resistant to corrosion.

Our LiftAlloy chain slings are a must have when flexibility, abrasion resistance, and long life is required in particularly harsh environments.

All our chain slings meet or exceed OSHA ASTM and NACM standards, and can be repaired, proof tested, and recertified by us. They feature a permanent serialized capacity tag, and are available in grade 100 alloy steel.

Our most versatile sling in this category is the Adjust-A-Link sling. This sling features a heavy-duty master control link. It allows you to adjust the length of each leg individually, to accommodate a wide variety of applications. The yellow powder coating on the hardware prevents rust and gives the sling better visibility. A true go-to for almost any job that may require a chain sling.

Next we have our Roughneck mesh slings. These slings offer the flexibility and load control of a synthetic sling, with the strength and cut resistance of a chain sling. They're constructed with 10 gauge, high-tensile galvanized steel wire, or grade 100 chain links, and fitted with alloy steel terminations for a lighter, yet stronger, mesh sling. These slings are a true time-saver by providing superior balance and control of loads, as well as featuring in-fittings that accommodate most large crane hooks. They also save money - being extremely resistant to abrasion, and repairable should you find damage in the mesh. Like our chain slings, our Roughneck mesh slings are permanently stamped with capacity and serial numbers for better traceability.

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