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This video introduces you to our family of synthetic slings

Hey, I'm Alex, and today we're going to show you our synthetic slings for general purpose lifting applications.

Synthetic slings are lightweight, flexible, and extremely versatile, offering the greatest range of lifting capabilities while reducing fatigue on riggers. Our line of synthetic slings consists of webbing slings, including our standard yellow Webmaster 1600 Tuff-Edge slings, and our Tuflex and KeyFlex roundslings. All Lift-All slings meet or exceed OSHA and ASME B30.9 standards and regulations. Each sling however, has unique design features that make it particularly effective in different scenarios.

Take our standard yellow Webmaster for instance. This sling is a versatile workhorse that can be customized in many configurations from eye to eye, to wide lifts, to bridles, and can even be ordered in a variety of materials, including polyester and nylon to satisfy your needs. It promotes safety with a red core yarn warning system that aids in identifying sling damage during your inspections. Yellow treatment provides abrasion resistance for extended sling life. With a great value vs strength ratio, this sling is a go-to solution for almost any industry.

Next we have our new, patent-pending Tuff-Edge 3 slings. The patent-pending design combines a twill weave body for improved abrasion resistance, and a tubular edge design to resist edge cutting. The tubular edges are filled with individual damage resistant cords, to help protect the body fibers, which gives the sling its strength and 30% more resistance to edge damage than our Tuff-Edge 2 webbing. Another feature of our Tuff-Edge 3 is our patent-pending edge damage limit, or EDL, out of service marker. This marker identified as the black line along each sling allows easier inspection of the sling. If there is a cut on the edge of the sling up to the marker, remove the sling from service. However if the cut is short of the marker, you can keep the sling in service assuming the rest of the sling passes inspection. See our product safety bulletins provided with each sling for additional details.

Now we'll move on to our roundslings. Our Tuflex and KeyFlex roundslings offer several advantages over web slings. They're constructed from polyester and Aramid yarns, covered by a seamless double-walled tubular jacket. These slings promote safety through a variety of features. They're extremely lightweight, have greater heat resistance than flat webbing slings, and the tubular jacket protects the load-bearing core yarns from abrasion and UV exposure. The Tuflex roundslings are color-coded for quick and easy identification of sling capacity, and have an exceptional low stretch of about 3% at rated capacity. KeyFlex roundslings on the other hand, are the gold standard in the world of roundslings. They feature a signature KeyFlex orange jacket with Technora gold core yarns, that result in a sling that's 53 percent lighter than standard Tuflex, and 75 percent increased heat resistance. And when it comes to addressing rigor ergonomic requirements, these slings hit top marks. All of our synthetic slings feature our Tuff-Tag, which is made from an abrasion resistant polymer that far outlasts the lifespan of leather or vinyl tags, to keep that important information protected the entire life of the sling.

When it comes to understanding our customers needs and offering a solution, Lift-All has hundreds of solutions available. See all models and configurations of our synthetic slings at

Products featured in this video: web slings, roundslings