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Lift-All® Tuff-Edge® III

Learn about the Tuff-Edge® difference! See the patented design changes and safety built-in of Lift-All®'s Tuff-Edge® III webbing.

Who wouldn't want increased abrasion and edge cut resistance in their sling? Our patented design, changes to the body, and edges of the Tuff-Edge® III provide just that. The softer web is one of many improvements this material offers. You will notice the new Edge Damage Limit out-of-service marker, also known as the EDL, as a helpful tool that simplifies the inspection process and extends the life of your sling.

Our Tuff-Edge® III slings are proudly designed with webbing made in the USA, specifically for Lift-All®, and sewn in one of our five U.S manufacturing plants. Save time and money, all while staying safe with Tuff-Edge® III.

Compared to Tuff-Edge® II, the webbing of Tuff-Edge® III is 30% more resistant to edge damage, thanks to the tubular edge design with damage resistant core. The goal is to protect the body fibers from cutting, without compromising on strength, and keeping the integrity of the sling. Another new safety feature is the out-of-service marker. The EDL is an inspection aid to help determine whether the sling is safe to remain in service, when sling damage is concentrated along the edge of the webbing. Assuming the sling is otherwise in good operating condition, the sling may remain in service until the edge cut reaches the black EDL line. If there is ever any question about the sling serviceability, it should be removed from service. Also note that Tuff-Edge® III is available in one inch, to 12 inch widths, to satisfy your most demanding lifting applications.

Tuff-Edge® III is superior to Tuff-Edge® II, and the most popular Webmaster® 1600 Polyester material. While Webmaster® 1600 Polyester offers versatility and reliability, Tuff-Edge® III excels with its patented design. The tubular reinforced edge construction makes the webbing more durable, and resistant to cuts due to the internal core fibers. Unique to Lift-All®, Tuff-Edge® III is easily identified by the blue tubular edges and EDL marker.

Our Lift-All® experts are ready to answer questions. Contact our team today and experience the benefits of lifting with Tuff-Edge® III.

Products featured in this video: Tuff-Edge® III, Tuff-Edge® II, Webmaster® 1600 Polyester