Month: May 2022

What is a Chain Hoist?

lever chain hoist
A chain hoist is a mechanism that exerts a force for lifting or lowering an object by utilizing a drum or lift wheel around which rope or chain wraps.Friction brakes help hold the load or object and can be used to help control the descent of the load.  A hoist can be manually operated, electrically, or pneumatically (air) driven.

How Does a Chain Hoist Work?

Lift-All offers a variety of hoists for different lifting needs. Our chain hoist is a simple yet effective lifting tool that is a must on your work site. Lift-All chain hoists consist of forged steel swivel hooks with latches, fully enclosed gears, and an alloy-grade chain to do all the heavy lifting. The forged steel swivel hook aids in rigging and helps to ensure straight-line loading between hooks. Our chain hoists are a versatile and effective lifting tool that will last for many years. Continue reading