WSTDA 2019 Annual Meeting Travels to Sunny Cancun!

At Lift-All, we’re always looking out for our customers safety. That is why we are active members of the Web Sling & Tie Down Association (WSTDA) and will be attending its 2019 annual conference in Cancun, Mexico from May 6-9.

What is WSTDAWSTDA logo

The WSTDA is a global non-profit technical organization dedicated to developing and communicating operation and performance standards of synthetic web slings, roundslings and tie downs. While most members of WSTDA are sling and tie down manufacturers, the membership also includes fiber suppliers, weavers, testing companies, and many other global companies.

Why Attend the WSTDA Conference

The WSTDA 2019 Conference provides insight into the organization’s most recent Technical Committee work and includes committee work sessions and interactive discussion forums to share experiences and develop improved standards. However, Lift-All does not just “attend” a WSTDA conference. We are active participants. In fact, Greg Babinchak our Chief Engineer, chairs the Roundsling Committee and leads the work to develop improved safety standards and warnings to help our customers stay safe.

Lift-All is proud to be an active part of WSTDA, and we look forward to joining our fellow web sling and tie down professionals to communicate new ideas and discover new innovations together. We take pride in all of our affiliations at Lift-All, and we’re dedicated to constantly discovering new technology to continually improve safety and efficiency in the web sling and tie-down industries. We here at Lift-All are dedicated to the creation and furtherance of superior safety products in our industry, and through the load-lifting and rigging world. Please take the necessary time to check out our web site for all of our current products, or contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you, and we hope to see you at the WSTDA 2019 Conference!