What is a Chain Hoist?

lever chain hoist
A chain hoist is a mechanism that exerts a force for lifting or lowering an object by utilizing a drum or lift wheel around which rope or chain wraps.Friction brakes help hold the load or object and can be used to help control the descent of the load.  A hoist can be manually operated, electrically, or pneumatically (air) driven.

How Does a Chain Hoist Work?

Lift-All offers a variety of hoists for different lifting needs. Our chain hoist is a simple yet effective lifting tool that is a must on your work site. Lift-All chain hoists consist of forged steel swivel hooks with latches, fully enclosed gears, and an alloy-grade chain to do all the heavy lifting. The forged steel swivel hook aids in rigging and helps to ensure straight-line loading between hooks. Our chain hoists are a versatile and effective lifting tool that will last for many years.

To lift a load, the operator pulls on the hand chain to rotate the cog and axle which goes through a lifting mechanism.  The lifting mechanism has multiple gears with designed gear ratios to easily lift loads with minimal effort.  All our hoists utilize a sling hook with a latch to secure the load while lifting for additional safety. A few factors to consider when choosing a manual chain hoist:

  • Speed of lifts, slow and precision lifts are best
  • Height of lifts
  • Reach
  • Amount of pull force on hand chain to lift the full load
  • Frequency of lifts
  • Weight of load
  • Hand chain drop required: typically, 2’ less than lift
  • Load limiter required to prevent gross overloads
  • Suspension (hook, trolley)
  • Special features: plated chain, spark resistant, special hooks

For light-duty lifting, we recommend a 1-ton manual chain hoist. Our manual chain hoists range from ½-ton chain hoist to 10-ton chain hoist with 10’, 20’, and 30’ chain lengths. Additional capacities are available upon request.  

Our hoists meet ASME B30, OSHA 1915.114, and NASA-STD-8719.9.

Lift-All has the quality and durability you need to get the job done right. Learn more and choose the best manual chain hoist or lever chain hoist for your operations. Contact us today to learn more.