Product Spotlight: Lift-All Web Slings

At Lift-All, our goal is to provide a safe solution for your lifting and load security needs using the most advanced technologies available. We stand behind our products which are rigorously tested and provide exceptional value to handle your toughest jobs.

Today, we want to highlight one of our most popular products: our Lift-All web slings. These general-purpose slings are ideal for day-to-day lifting and come in a variety of styles.  These slings can be custom ordered to address the customers’ specific requirements because we understand that lifting applications are not all the same!  All Lift-All web slings are engineered and fabricated for maximum efficiency over prolonged use.

The Full Yarn

Our Lift-All web slings meet or exceed OSHA, ASME B30.9, and WSTDA standards and regulations. Our sling webbing incorporates five yarn components: transverse pick yarns, woven surface yarns, longitudinal core yarns, binder yarns, and core warning yarns.

  • Transverse pick yarns inter-relate with binder and surface yarns to increase overall sling strength.
  • Woven surface yarns cover each side of the sling and carry a portion of the load, increasing maximum load capacity.
  • Longitudinal core yarns bear the majority of the load, with assistance from the woven yarns on either side.
  • Binder yarns secure the surface yarns to the core yarns. These are designed to strengthen the overall webbing and prevent premature fraying.
  • Red core warning yarns are designed to visually reveal damage before a weak sling is used to lift a load.

The fabric of the Company

yellow & gray web sling

Our Lift-All web slings are available in both polyester and nylon in various capacities for any project. By using codes to identify the many sling options available, we streamlined the buying process and made it simple for anyone to identify and order our slings.

We have web slings for any application, from light to moderate daily lifting to heavy-duty rugged lifting. No matter what job you have to do, we can provide the web sling for it. Our nylon slings stretch more to absorb shock, while our polyester slings are designed for better load control.  Our patented Tuff-Edge® slings reduce abrasion and have improved cut resistance.  Always use the proper sling protection product for your application.

Check out our full assortment of Lift-All web slings and Sling Protection Products to determine which one is right for your job! Not sure which to choose? Let us help! Start a conversation today or give us a call at 800-909-1964. We look forward to working with you!