Beams vs. Gantry Cranes: When to Use Each

At Lift-All, we take pride in supplying a wide range of lifting devices for your construction or warehouse needs. We know that every job requires specific equipment based on the materials being used and the nature of the project. That’s why we carry everything from small-scale slings to large-scale gantry cranes; we want to help you get the job done right every time.

Today, we want to go through the significant differences between two of our large-scale lifting devices: beams and gantry cranes. These pieces of equipment are similar in their purpose but are vastly different in their application.

Lifting Beams


Lifting beams are useful in construction jobs that require lifting and moving large objects over a farther distance. They allow for multiple “pick points” of the load for balance and support; this is beneficial for oddly shaped or exceedingly long objects, such as I-beams.

Our economical lifting beams are also equipped with adjustable lifting points to handle unbalanced or wide loads. These beams can be used for 2, 3, or even 4-point lifting for optimal control and balance. The incremental 6” spread adjustments accommodate up to a 12’ spread, making this one of the most versatile pieces of lifting equipment we stock. Click here to learn even more about the lifting beams we carry here!

Gantry Crane

gantry crane

Gantry cranes are portable cranes on wheels that allow for the lifting and transportation of the load across smooth, level surfaces. Because of the limitations of the wheels, gantry cranes are best used indoors in warehouses versus the lifting beam’s primarily outdoor use.

Easy setup and maintenance make the gantry crane a versatile, efficient way to move loads across a large warehouse with minimal effort. The height is also adjustable down from the maximum height of 16’ by one-foot increments, making it ideal for warehouses with low overhead clearance. Click here to learn even more about the gantry cranes that we stock!

Our beams can withstand loads from 1/2-ton up to 20-tons; gantry cranes can carry 1-ton up to 10-tons. The lifting beam is generally best suited for outdoor construction use while attached to a crane, and the gantry crane is its own standalone lifting device ideally suited to large warehouses or flat outdoor spaces.

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